Schools and Early Intervention

Schools and Early Intervention


Our approach to school-based physical and occupational therapy is based upon sound, clinical judgment, as well as over thirty years of experience in the educational setting.

We utilize six separate strategies to maximize productivity, optimize costs, and best serve the needs of individual students and the district.

Implementation of clear qualification guidelines:

  • Controlling caseload size is the number one factor in cost control.
  • Using an education-based model, ensuring that each student on the therapy caseload truly needs school-based therapy based on their diagnosis and functional performance in the classroom.


 Use of a continuum of service:

  • Children's ongoing qualification for services is based not only on their level of ability/disability, but also on their ability to benefit from specific therapeutic intervention and demonstration of adequate progress.


Careful monitoring of indirect time:

  • Overall time management is carefully tracked to ensure that the district is only charged for IEP related services.
  • Productivity is assessed on a monthly basis for every therapist.


Use of small groups vs. individual treatment:

  • Districts pay for therapists' time only- one hourly rate, regardless of the number of students in the group. This exponentially increases the productivity of our therapists, resulting in proportionate reduction in therapy costs.


Carryover of therapy strategies into the classroom:

  • By implementing therapy strategies in the classroom, students progress more rapidly and can be moved into a consultative mode of service vs. direct therapy.
  • Teachers learn to manage more mildly-involved students independently, without needing to make a therapy referral, resulting in decreased therapy caseloads.


Participation in School-Based ACCESS Billing:

  • Therapists are trained in the PCG EasyTrac system to enter therapy charges for eligible students.

What can we offer your district?

  • Quick turnaround time for assessments (30 days or less)
  • Experienced and competent pediatric therapists know your staff, students, and parents
  • Fine Motor Skills Group
  • In-service training for district staff on a variety of topics
  • Online billing for School-Based Access Program
  • One, two, or three year contracts
  • No charge for travel